About Waldo and Associates

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40+ Years


Strive daily to meet the changing needs of today’s professional growers!

Whether the operation is greenhouse production, nursery, or garden center, we are a committed distributor, providing the finest horticultural products at sensible prices. Along with having the right products at the right prices, our ultimate goal is top level customer service. Whether you have a question or need a consultative approach to your business. We are ready to serve you our most valuable customer!

Premuim Horticultural Supply Co

Two great teams are now the same

In January 2015, Waldo & Associates and Premium Horticultural Supply Co joined hands to better serve you. These two highly respected horticulture distribuors are offically one company. This is great for you, our valued customer, because the product line is now expanded with new items being offered all the time. Services such as custom greenhouse structures, parts, and a vast array of irrigation parts to save you time and money.    

Meet Our Waldo & Associates Team

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Ken Lewandowski
NW Ohio, SE Michigan 419.376.1663 ken.lewandowski@waldoinc.com
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Richard Weis
Northern Ohio, Western PA 419.304.2232 richard.weis@waldoinc.com
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Kathy Wenz
                Inside Sales                 419.666.3662 EXT 115  kathy.wenz@waldoinc.com
Smiling man in a yellow shirt named Martin
Martin Cipriani
Michigan, Northern Indiana 419.376.2382 martin.cipriani@waldoinc.com
a man in purple shirt named Todd
Todd Durham
Irrigation Specialist

800.468.4011 Ext. 120 todd.durham@waldoinc.com

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Hayle Grimmer
Graphic Designer & Sign Shop Manager

800.468.4011 Ext. 102 hayle.grimmer@waldoin c.com

Meet Our Premium Horticultural Supply Co Team

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Kerry Krininger
Kentucky, S. Ohio, & Indiana

he502.727.5870 Kerry.krininger@waldoinc.com

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Denise Long
Branch Manager

502.582.3897 denise.long@waldoinc.com

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Heather Stewart
Southern Indiana

502.528.3879 heather.stewart@waldoinc.com

Smiling woman with red hair named Heather
Renee Hitch
Office Assistant

502.582.3897 renee.hitch@waldoinc.com